About me

I am New Zealand's FIRST Elite Orange Presenter and only one in New Zealand.
Such an amazing achievement and awesome title to have!
Back in early 2014 I was told about this cosmetic company coming to NZ and I thought I yeah I could join the kit looks amazing. Basically I was a kitnapper (someone who joins for the kit)  I had sold cosmetics for around 15 years in some of the top cosmetic counters in NZ so I wasn't totally convinced and not getting to play with the makeup was hard for me too. But I though what the heck, what’s the worst could happen I get some cheap make up and the kit was valued at more than I paid, so I was ahead anyway.
 I have a very different why to many presenters.... I do this for a Holiday. I promised myself and my son we would go to America every year and I do it solely on the money I earn from Younique. I have a very full on job as a Pharmacy Territory Manger for one of the biggest pharmaceutical companies in the world. It is full of pressure and stress. I also have a 9 year old son and two teenage step children at home so my life is very busy running kids around and working full time.  
Well that was all till about May last year when we had a huge surprise I was pregnant and expecting in November 2015 so we have a fourth child at home now. My Why changed fast, not only did I still want my holiday I now also wanted to stay home for a Year with our new baby, and I want to prove to my children that they don't have to work 9-5 to earn a living.
I have the most amazing team of ladies (always looking for a man to join the team) that work their little hearts out too.  I am so proud of them for taking charge of their lives and making a difference, the goals we achieve and the growth we achieve in numbers and strength.  I couldn't be where I am without this amazing group of ladies, and they know they couldn’t be where they are without our Team. This is the beauty of our business, we help each other and at the end of the day we are all working for the same common goal, even though our why’s are different!  
Fast forward to the End of 2016 and I have had my year off work and we not only servived on my yourniqu income it again paid for our Holiday but this time with two Kids :)
I am about to go back to work and continue with my Younique business. Life is going great and I couldn't be happier with how Younique has changed mine and my families lives
Attended Younique Convention - Chicago August 2015.
New Zealand's First Green presenter. September 2015
Organized New Zealand's First ever Younique training Speaker & Event organizer at Younique's first ever Younique training -Wellington
Younique convention in St Louis 2016  
Younique branded Makeup trunk Loads and Loads of free makeup!
Currently Booked to go to Convection New Orleans 2017 

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Phone Andrea +64 21 977 471