10 Reason's to Join Everra

Have you been loving your Everra lashes or cosmetics? Maybe you haven't tried Everra products but you LOVE magnetic lashes and high quality cosmetics? Have you ever considered joining the family that is Everra? 

I don't wear makeup often, hello I'm a stay-at-home-mom with 4 kids, 6 and under, ain't nobody got time for that everyday, but when I do "dress up", its a quick brush of mascara and a swipe of eyeliner and I'm out the door for my "fancy" evening out. But there's something about having gorgeous lashes though that makes you feel instantly beautiful. Adding these quick and beautiful lashes to your daily routine gives you an instant confident boost! 

Not only do I LOVE the instant confidence boost but I also LOVE the extra spending money it provides! The earnings from my Everra business are helping me pay for a custom wedding band for upcoming wedding! I've earned more with Everra in 6 weeks than I have with my previous direct sales company in 6 months. 

If you've been considering joining Everra keep reading to see my top 10 Reasons to become an Everra Influencer!

10 Reasons to become an Everra Influencer!

  1. People LOVE lashes!
  2. You can make money without growing a team.
  3. Ground floor opportunity
  4. Amazing trainings and supportive community
  5. Lashes sell themselves: You won't be spamming your friends and family
  6. Build a business on your own schedule!
  7. Make new friends! 
  8. Amazing creative outlet
  9. Get paid instantly!
  10. International Opportunities!



1. People LOVE lashes!

It's just a cold hard fact that so many ladies LOVE getting their lashes done! With the pandemic closing and limiting lash extension salons, NOW is the best time to try magnetic lashes if you haven't! It's a great alternative and a fraction of the price of extensions! The magnetic liner + lash combo is easy to apply and really time and cost effective! Perks to Everra lashes: they don't damage your natural lashes, they're made without harsh toxins, they're wind proof, sweat proof, vegan friendly and cruelty and paraben free. Everra lashes truly stand out above the rest! 

2. Make money without growing a team!

This was a big thing for me personally. I have been in direct sales for a while and building a team always seems to be a requirement to hit new ranks. With Everra, you can attain new ranks WITHOUT growing a team (although if you choose to it does benefit you also!). In my first month I ranked 4 levels of the compensation plan all based on my own personal sales. With Everra's lucrative compensation plan you earn a base commission of 25% instantly and have the ability to earn up to 50% commission based on your personal sales! No team sales influence your personal sales commission! 

3. Ground Floor Opportunity! 

Everra is less than 1 year old! We launched in the USA in the summer of 2020 and launched in the UK and Canada in October 2020. Australia and New Zealand launched in early February 2021. The company is still so new that it is an amazing opportunity to share as a lot of people haven't heard of us but LOVE our products! Everyone is excited about lashes and feeling amazing about themselves and our kit cost's less than a single set of lashes! If you're ready to join us click here!  This truly is the such an exciting time to join us! 

4. Amazing trainings and supportive community

Everra's family feel is unlike anything I have ever been part of! Each month there are amazing zoom trainings provided by the CEO and CSO of Everra. We also have amazing team chats and leaders who collaborate together weekly to share ideas and fundamentals to really ensure everyone success! My personal team the Lashtabulous Ladies have access to my personal trainings as well as the multiple groups and zooms! Everra feels like a family. Everyone wants to help everyone succeed even if they aren't your direct teammate! 

5. Lashes sell themselves! 

It's no secret Direct Sellers sometimes get a bad rap for being pushy and spammy. This is not my style at all and as a leader, I do not recommend or promote this style of marketing. One of my favourite things about the lashes is they truly do sell themselves! You don't need to spam your friends and family because just wearing the lashes people naturally comment and are curious about them! As the conversations naturally progress and won't be spamming anyone! 

6. Build a business on your own schedule!

As I mentioned earlier, I am a busy mom of 4 littles under the age of 6. I'm sure you can imagine how much of a circus my days are! With that being said I love the flexibility of Everra. I can spend as much time or as little time as I want and still work my business! I am available for my kids and their activities/school events/family outings and I don't have to worry about asking for a day off! 

7. Make new Friends!

Do you notice as you get older and have kids making friends seems harder? As a mom my "spare time" is usually spent doing things with or for my children, so making actual friends is hard! Everra has helped me meet new friends! I have an entire community of ladies I have met virtually just because of my Everra business! The virtual friendships I have built with my customers and teammates, especially these days with COVID and the limitations of being physically social, help me feel as though I am not alone. They lift me up and fill my cup on a daily basis! 

8. Creative outlet

Because Everra is so new, we have the ability to be as creative as we wish to be to truly make your mark in the industry. Whether you wish to create your own graphics or use the corporate graphics provided for us, or whether you wish blog, use Pinterest or share photos on Instagram of fashion and makeup ideas for the holidays or selfies of yourself done up, its completely up to you! The world is your oyster! You can be as creative as you like! Funnel your creative goddess and let your personality shine!

9. Get paid Instantly!

One of my ABSOLUTE FAVOURITE things about Everra's compensation plan is you get paid INSTANTLY! Yes, you read that right, instantly. Whenever you or your customers or your team (if you choose to go that route) places an order in your first 3 levels, you get paid instantly (usually within 15 minutes)! There's really nothing quite like seeing the You've been paid emails that stroll into your inbox knowing your hard work is paying off! What would you do with an extra $200, $500, or $1000+ income each month?

10. International Opportunities

Do you love to travel? With Everra, we have the opportunity to sell and grow our teams in multiple markets! Did you know that a lot of direct sales companies limit you to selling/ growing a team to your own country. NOT Everra! We are open for business in the USA, Canada (most provinces - the rest will be coming soon!), Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom! You can offer our items and grow a team in all of these markets! Each country has their own warehouses too so shipping is cheap and doesn't take long to receive! With so many countries and more on the horizon where would you like to start? 

There you have it! My top 10 reasons to Join Everra! 

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